Bank deposits – a good way to invest

Putting aside some money is a very good way to secure funds for future expenses. However, this saving can be combined with investing. However, there are different ways of investing. One of them gives the possibility of obtaining quite large profits, but at the same time it is associated with a considerable risk of losingRead more

Lying in the loan application – what is the threat?

Online loans are so popular mainly because of their wide availability and ease of obtaining. An additional, very positive attribute of payday loans is that they are the fastest forms of financing on the market – available almost immediately, in 15 minutes. In order to achieve this effect and gain customers, loan companies had toRead more

Mortgages: floor and ceiling clauses

What do both concepts, floor clause and ceiling clause mean, how do they differ and how do they work in relation to mortgages? First, we must clarify how mortgages work at a variable rate. By hiring a mortgage, you will pay a price (interest) for the money the bank lends you. Interest is reviewed onceRead more

Installment loan with 120 months maturity

Installment loan with 120 months maturity – market offers A 120-month installment loan will be funded by very different sources of credit, depending on the purpose. Special purpose loans are especially in demand renovation loans without land register entry. Online direct banks and local providers offer these loans. In addition to earmarking, additional loan conditionsRead more

An installment loan online without queues

In each of our lives there are situations when we urgently need an additional injection of cash – whether for the purchase of home appliances, a child’s wedding or a dream holiday. Fortunately, companies specializing in quick installment loans enable us to get the required amount in a fairly short time. If we meet certainRead more

Regular and Installment Loans

When we suddenly need more money, for example to cover an unplanned repair of a flat after flooding or repairing a car in a breakdown, we can reach for a quick loan a payday that we often receive on the same day that we apply for it in a loan company. On the other hand,Read more

How to avoid risk when we take a loan in installments?

  Potential borrowers are often afraid of the risks involved in taking on a financial commitment.” It is true that this aspect must always be taken into account. “Worries are often exaggerated because we can reduce the risk to a minimum. See for an example Many of us have our financial needs, but weRead more